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Margot Robbie

Here is Something You May not Know about Margot Robbie:

Margot Robbie’s recent film comes solely amplify her vary as associate actress: Last year, she marked as Queen of England in The Virgin Queen of Scots; this year, she plays Sharon John Orley Allen Tate in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood; and next year, she is slated to require on the role of Barbie—yes, the doll!—as well as come to 1 of her signature roles, the psychotic Harley Quinn, in Birds of Prey (and the first-class liberation of 1 Harley Quinn). within the inside of all of those comes, Robbie additionally has another massive reveal: a novel Vogue cowl. In honor of her second flip as a canopy star, here area unit 5 stuff you didn’t understand the actress:

1. She Got Her initial Gig by Cold-Calling:

Robbie maneuvered her thanks to her initial TV role, on the Australian series Neighbours, by cold-calling the casting agent. It landed her associate audition, that she nailed, and she or he then went on to become a series regular, taking part in immature adult female freewoman.

2. She visited Circus college:

When she was eight, Robbie was noncommissioned in an exceedingly swing program by her mother at a circus college. it’s going to appear to be associate unlikely talent, however, the transition to 2016, and Robbie’s predilection for flying within the air nearly became useful: she was at one purpose in talks to play swing creative person Lillian Leitzel in Queen of the Air. (The project ne’er happened.)

3. She Owns Her Own Production Company:

In addition to being associate A-list player, Robbie additionally runs her own Hollywood production company together with her husband, Tom Ackerley. Titled LuckyChap amusement, it’s created TV shows like NBC’s Shattered Glass and Hulu’s Dollface. the corporate is additionally engaged on Robbie’s coming film, Birds of Prey.

4. She’s dependent on Hockey:

Robbie may be a hockey superfan, the big apple Rangers being her team of alternative. She explained her unlikely obsession to MTV, telling the outlet, “I continually needed to play contact sport back in Australia. I’m unsure why, however, we have a tendency to didn’t have any ice wherever I lived. it absolutely was very popular, a coastal city,” she said. “So, I vie field game. on the other hand, once I moved to America, I used to be finally ready to be part of a team once I wasn’t contracted to a show. once I was contracted to a show, I wasn’t ready to play. I used to be living in the big apple, and therefore the Rangers were my default team. They’re the simplest team ever.”

5. She Didn’t Even Audition for the Role of Harley Quinn:

Though close to each Hollywood player was being thought of for the enduring Harley Quinn role in Suicide Squad, Robbie earned the role while not even auditioning. “I really got offered this one, I didn’t audition, that may be a real improvement as an associate actor once you will get offered things,” she said. Clearly, it absolutely was meant to be.

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